About Us  

BRUK International is  a Commercial  Agency, Export-Import Consultancy,  Online Shop, and Distributor founded in South East England by Leonard  Nigel Pegler, a business-oriented British Brazilian dual national, with a degree in law and social sciences combined with more than 20 years of experience.

Our company vision and mission came about in the wake of BREXIT which is not about leaving the European Union but what the UK does in the future in terms of breaking into new export markets across the world, such as the Gluten-Free food retail market forecasted to grow to USD 4.7 billion in 2020 to name just one global industry, and get your product to potential clients you may never otherwise reach, like in countries such as Brazil, China, and India, where 24 million suffer from celiac disease, whilst we keep on working and growing alongside your business.

In a sign that Brexit has not held back trade, according to the Office for National Statistics (20 December 2019), goods exports to EU fell 0.9 per cent but soared 13.6 per cent to the rest of the world on WTO terms, whilst overseas markets remained the top destination for the UK’s renowned service sector, whereas 60.2% of UK services exports, including financial, travel and transport went to non-EU markets.

The above figures show how big the opportunities are for British businesses exporting across the world.

You can expand your business by appointing us an AGENT, DISTRIBUTOR, or a MIXTURE OF BOTH to develop exciting new markets and opportunities in the existing EU countries and the rest of the world. Also, we can help you find new customers when selling abroad, particularly, matching buyers with sellers; negotiating and concluding sale or purchase of goods; product pricing; market research; and finding sub-agents and sub-distributors.

BRUK International as an AGENT acts on your behalf like an intermediary partner carrying through the introduction and conclusion of the sales of products or services between you and the customer.

As an ONLINE SHOP, we enable customers to find, select and purchase a  variety of free from products designed for individuals severe food allergy, or generally less serious intolerance, from various countries via the Internet.

And as a DISTRIBUTOR, we take the title of your products or services and resell them to local end-users like other distributors, retailers, or consumers.

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