Pay us online

For your convenience, you can pay for our fees and services which have been requested or agreed using our secure payment page.

Payments can only be accepted in GBP  – Sterling.

Please choose the type of payment you would like to make from the list below


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Credit and debit cards worldwide





global bank transfer



                                   Bank credit transfers  (preferable for larger amounts)





                            2830385  Pay an Invoice


                            2830385  Pay other money to us

                                                            (e.g, an upfront fixed charge, a retainer)


Refund Policy

Bruk International offers non-tangible irrevocable services, therefore we do not issue refunds once work is completed or once disbursements have been paid or liability for disbursements has been incurred. As a customer, you are responsible for understanding this upon commencement of any service from us.

If a customer sends us money via Stripe and requests a return of the money before work is completed, we can offer them a refund minus any of Stripe/Streamline. costs and after taking into account any time costs and disbursements incurred in relation to the matter to that time.

If you need any assistance with a payment you have made please contact us for further information.